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FREE Teacher Training and Curriculum

Violence Prevention Initiative
sponsored by the
NH Dept. of Justice


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Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
Lebanon, NH

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NH Health Trust
Concord, NH

Governor Hassan Announces First Model Community


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Media Power Youth empowers youth to lead healthy, safe lives through smart use of media. 

Media surrounds us every minute of every day--teaching, entertaining, and connecting us to friends, family, information and new worlds.

When we understand media, how it influences us, and how to produce it in smart safe ways, we are empowered. We are in control.

Based in Manchester, NH, Media Power Youth is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) working locally and throughout the Northeast in collaboration with health and prevention programs, school districts, communities, research institutions, businesses and foundations to provide a continuum of evidence based, health-focused media literacy education for youth, parents, and professionals.


Join with Media Power Youth. Together, we can guide: 

Youth to lead healthy, safe lives through smart use of media.
Parents to empower themselves and their children to be smart about media and make healthy, safe choices.
Professionals to bring evidence-based health-focused media education into schools, programs, practices and communities.


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