Media Power Youth provides evidence-based, media literacy education for youth, parents, and professionals.


Since 2001, we have been providing curricula, programs, and training to help children and families use media in responsible, healthy ways.

-Children will gain knowledge about the power of media and how to use it in positive ways.

-Professionals are provided tools and resources they need to teach children media literacy

-Parents walk away with information and skills they want to parent well in this digital, media age

We collaborate and form partnerships with school districts, communities, research institutions, health and prevention programs, foundations and corporations to provide a continuum of evidence based, health-focused media literacy education.
  • “Students reported enjoying the classes, finding them interesting and learning from them.”
    David S. Bickham & Ronald G. Slaby (Effects of a Media Literacy Program in the US on Children's Critical Evaluation of Unhealthy Media Messages about Violence, Smoking, and Food), Journal of Children and Media, Volume 6, Number 2, May 2012
  • "This program could make it easier for teachers to teach, parents to parent, kids to learn and be healthy and for community professionals to guide youth.”
    Martin Bolden, former Executive Director, City of Manchester Office of Youth Services
  • “Media Power Youth is meeting its goal of providing students with critical thinking, media resistance, & empowerment skills…”
    Media Power Youth Health-Focused Media Literacy Intervention: Enhanced Evaluation, 2009, Center on Media and Child Health, Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School
  • “Media is becoming seamless and not going away. Students and adults need to learn how to effectively discern the information they are being bombarded with… Thank you for an eye-opening experience! We clearly need to incorporate media literacy into our classrooms.”  
    Teacher, North Country Health Consortium Coos County Coalition
  • “Media Power Youth is a model public health and media literacy program that all communities would do well to adopt.”
    Dr. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, Director, Center on Media and Child Health, Children’s Hospital Boston
  • “I liked all the different topics that were covered. It affects so many aspects of our kids’ lives.”
    Parent, Parent Education Series, Hollis, NH
  • “I learned that when the video games and TV make violence seem good, it’s really not good.”