Help empower kids to make smart media choices.

Media Literacy is important for all children, to bring media literacy to your community we encourage you to get involved, sponsor a media power youth program, volunteer, bring it to your school, for your children, talk to your children.

  • Support – Become a volunteer
    • We often have clerical tasks that can be done by volunteers. If you have some spare time and would like to help advance our vision, we would love to meet you!
  • Sponsor – Sponsor a program
    • Often times schools, clubs and clinics want to have us run a training, workshop, or presentation for them but have limited funds. Sponsors enable us to offer a subsidized rate, so everyone can become media literate. If you would like to sponsor us presenting to a group near you, we would love to oblige!
  • Advocate – Promote Media Power Youth programs in your school, community or other establishment. Speak up and out to create healthy and appropriate media environments for children.
  • Donate – Contribute financially
    • Our organization depends on the generous support of donors. Thank you for helping us bring media literacy to the public spotlight!