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Curriculum & Training for Educators

Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choices – Effects of Media Violence (Upper Elementary – Grades 4-6)

Children are increasingly exposed to the media every day, and research has shown that media exposure can contribute significantly to violent, aggressive, and anti-social behavior, tobacco and alcohol use, poor nutrition, and other at-risk behaviors. By implementing an evidence-based media literacy curriculum, educators can help students develop critical thinking and decision-making skills to recognize and resist media’s influence on their attitudes and behaviors.

This comprehensive media literacy professional development course for teachers focuses on media’s influence on violence, aggression & bullying.

  • Builds teachers’ and students’ media literacy skills for violence prevention, bullying, substance use, and healthy food choices
  • Improves children’s understanding of media and empowers them to make healthy choices when using media
  • Includes eight-hour, self-paced course
  • Offers comprehensive teacher’s guide including all lesson plans and materials needed for successful classroom implementation
  • Supports easy integration across subject areas, including language arts, social studies, math, science, and more
  • Encourages teachers to connect and collaborate with peers across Media Power Youth’s online community on Pepper
  • Meets national and state learning standards and qualifies for multiple federal, state, and local funding sources


As children’s media use increases dramatically, educators everywhere are asking for help.

We’ve heard the call.

Public Consulting Group (PCG) and Media Power Youth have partnered to bring the nationally recognized Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices curriculum for grades 4-6 to educators and students across the country ONLINE via PepperTM, PCG’s online professional learning network.

Through the lens of bullying and violence with training in effective use of the 12 lesson curriculum, Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choices is proven effective in teaching children to resist media influence on violence, aggression, bullying, substance use and unhealthy food choices.  Educators will gain tools and knowledge to help their students navigate media and make healthy decisions while satisfying health, language arts, media and culture, technology, art, health and other important subjects.

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Attention: NH educators 

Thanks to a generous grant funded by the Office of the Attorney General, New Hampshire educators are provided a subsidized rate until Jan 2018.

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Over 185 educators have already been trained to use the evidence-based, Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choices – upper elementary curriculum and report great successes! So, why stop what is working! We continue to offer our in-person training throughout New England for groups of 10 people or more. If you would like to be put on a list for our regional trainings, please email us at:

All educators who complete this hands-on, interactive training will receive 8 professional development hours and all curriculum materials to implement the program in their classroom. The additional benefit of an in-person training is the camaraderie experienced as we work through the lessons together. In this training, we will review most lessons in the curriculum regarding media’s influence on violence; substance use; and nutritional choices.

Call for packages to meet school and district needs.

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