Online Training

Media Power Youth is now offering state of the art online training in media literacy for educators and youth service providers. Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices training  prepares participants to implement our evidence-based curriculum for Grades  4- 6. Participants could include a classroom teacher, a teaching team, guidance counselor, health teacher, media specialist, or others.

There are three units centered around the influence of media:

Unit 1 – Violence and Bullying (Violence Prevention)

Unit 2 – Alcohol and Tobacco Use booster training coming Fall 2017

Unit 3 – Food Advertising and Nutritional Choices booster training coming Fall 2017

The evidenced based curriculum includes 12 integrated lessons, divided into three units. While the evaluated effects of the 12 lessons are cumulative, units can be taught independently .


Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices has demonstrated evidence of helping children significantly increase understanding that media and advertising:

Have a strong effect on what people think and do.

Make violence seem less harmful than in real life.

Make smoking & drinking alcohol seem less harmful.

Influences amount/types of snacks kids eat drink.

Make snacks seem more attractive & healthier than they really are.

“We are pleased to find how effective this program is. We hope that children, teachers and families everywhere benefit from Media Literacy for Safe & Healthy Choices.”

– Dr. Michael Rich, MD, MPH, Director of Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital Boston/Harvard Medical School

Purchase Options:

  1. Participants taking Unit 1: Media and Violence, Aggression & Bullying are provided an 8 hr self-paced, comprehensive media literacy training course using lessons from Unit 1. Full access to the curriculum is included, as well as all media, handouts, activities and examples. In addition, all discussion forums are staffed by Media Power Youth education team for ongoing support.
  2. Booster online media literacy training focusing on units 2 and 3 lessons (available in the Fall 2017).
  3. Curriculum only purchase.

In-person group training programs are also availableContact us .

NH educators be sure to contact us for a coupon code 

Thanks to a generous grant funded by the Office of the Attorney General, New Hampshire educators are provided the curriculum for free until Jan 2018.