School Trainings

Media Power youth works to integrate evidence-based media literacy education into your schools.

We collaborate and form partnerships with school districts, communities, research institutions, health and prevention programs, foundations and corporations to provide a continuum of evidence based, health-focused media literacy education.

Topics include

Media and bullying, aggressive behavior, violence, desensitization to violence

Substance use and abuse

Nutritional choices, obesity, eating disorders, body image, self-concept

At risk sexual behaviors and personal safety


“Students at Chester Academy are responding very positively to the curriculum.  We have found it very easy to use, affordable and the training was great.” Teacher, Chester, NH

National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices    Read more about our evidenced -based 4-5 curriculum and training at NREPP.

Training for Media Literacy for Safe and Healthy Choices is now available online!

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Review facts on current alcohol marketing and its influence on underage drinking, understand media literacy education as part of a comprehensive underage alcohol prevention plan, learn evidence-based media education programs that encourage youth to be safe and smart media consumers and creators, and brainstorm regional opportunities for building strong home-school-community prevention programs.

Media Power Youth programs and curricula highlight media’s influence on childhood obesity and non-nutritional eating.  Health-focused media literacy is an integral part of the state of NH Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Action Plan, promoting healthy living. The plan states that schools should encourage integration of media literacy across curricula to “teach children how media markets to them and competes for their time, how consumption of media replaces other activities, how to think critically about media and how to produce media”.

Learn how emerging media can promote healthy messages, participate in web-based exploration of media, and create plans to integrate media/technology into prevention programs and campaigns.

Media Power Youth provides trainings to the membership of the ten New Hampshire Community Prevention Coalitions (CPC’s) designated to prevent underage alcohol abuse by the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol services, New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services. Coalitions can choose from the topics above or work with us to create unique programs.

Participate in fun, engaging media-rich training on media’s influence on violence, aggression, and bullying, tobacco and alcohol use, and nutrition. Receive lesson plans and all the tools needed to make your students critical thinkers about media and responsible media producers.

Increase success of young children’s behavioral and learning development through media literacy education. Training includes staff and parent education, focusing on the reduction of media use with negative influence, and the promotion of positive use of media. Media literacy skills for parents include understanding media influence: understanding story telling quality of media, reality vs. media stories: setting rules and boundaries for media use for themselves and children.